What is Sonato

Sonato is a software company serving any hospitality business which thinks of its customers as members. Our software is the foundation for Sonato Alliance and Sonato OS.

For Members

What is Sonato Alliance?

Sonato Alliance is Sonato's invitation-only network of the world’s best members’ clubs that upgrades the traditional reciprocal experience.

How do I join Sonato Alliance?

You must be a member of one of our partner clubs to join Sonato Alliance. Please reach out to the membership team at your club about membership. If they aren’t a member, your club can request an invitation to join at membership@sonato.com.

For Clubs

What does Sonato Alliance do for clubs?

Sonato Alliance is an app of Sonato OS, a property management system for clubs. Sonato Alliance is an upgrade to traditional reciprocal networks, providing clubs with a reservations platform for managing inbound and outbound visits and club check-in while facilitating the booking process for hotel rooms, event tickets, and dining reservations.

What else does Sonato OS do?

Sonato OS is Sonato's property management system (PMS) for members' clubs, resorts, boutique hotels, restaurants, and bars. Sonato OS is built around the customer, with the customer relationship management system (CRM) at the center of the platform. The CRM enables a member- and guest-first approach to managing:

  • Hotel, restaurant, gym, and spa reservations
  • Private dining, meeting room, and office bookings
  • Event announcement, marketing, ticketing, and check-in
  • 1:1 guest services and communication with members and guests
  • Marketing
  • Point of sale system and table management

How can I use Sonato OS at my hospitality business?

Sonato OS and Sonato Alliance are offered by invitation only at this time. Please contact inquire@sonato.com to request an invitation.